The Aussie Sports Betting Guide

Since the dawn of man it has been part of culture to bet on the outcome of events. This concept has carried over to the current age, although it is far easier and more convenient to place bets than it once was. Sportsbooks are now officially online, meaning that you can have instant access to betting options anytime, anywhere. Just an internet capable smartphone is all that is required, which is a convenience that is certainly enough to make our betting ancestors green with envy.

The real challenge is that, with so many options available, it can leave the average punter a little confused about where to actually start. That’s where we come in. Stick with us and you will not only get some advice on how to go about placing bets, but also quick links to all the best legal online sportsbooks operating in Australia.

Of course, we focus on only the very best sites, and make it our mission to also inform you of the best deals.

Is Online Betting Legal In Australia?

In Australia the Interactive Gambling Act was officially enacted in 2001. Under this law it is 100% legal for Australians to bet on sports online. Lotteries are also covered by the act, as well as racing, such as horse racing, and also sports betting.

It should also be noted that under the Interactive Gambling Act that sites are strictly forbidden from advertising or marketing any unregulated online gambling activities, ensuring that companies stay within the confines of the law.

Is Online Betting Popular?

Online betting in Australia is extremely popular, and in fact the country is recognised as one of the most enthusiastic betting nations in the world. Given how healthy the market is, some of the biggest legal sportsbook companies have rushed to establish headquarters in the country.

This growing market is great news for local punters for a number of reasons. Firstly, it means that many big companies are jostling for a place in the market, and are therefore constantly in competition with one another. Strong competition means extremely generous offers, which in turn means that great deals are always up for grabs. Shrewd punters will keep an eye on all corners of the market and take advantage of the best deals when they come along.

The Most Commonly Bet On Sports

Of course, Australians love sports as much as they love betting on sports. As far as the most commonly bet on sports in the country are concerned, it is pretty much what would be expected given the country’s reputation.

  • Australian Rules Football (AFL)

Australian Football League (AFL) is renowned around the world for its incredibly visceral and engaging nature. But it goes without saying that the rough game is most popular in its home nation. AFL is not only the most watched sport in the country, it is also the most commonly bet on.

  • Horse Racing

Australia is a horse loving nature, which is only natural given the country’s strong relationship to expert horse breeding. Punters love to put down bets on the numerous annual horse racing events that are popular around the world.

  • Rugby

Australia is a rugby mad nation in general, and so it makes sense that the sports would be in the top 3 as far as betting is concerned. The famous rivalries of the tri-nations are a hotbed of betting, with each participating country backed by a ravenous fan base.

  • Football

As far as popular sports in Australia are concerned, football is a relatively new entry. The English Premier League is tops as far as betting is concerned, although the local league is also quickly gaining fans.

  • Cricket

Last in the top 5 is, of course, cricket. Australians support their team to the very end, and as such when cricket season comes round the online sportsbooks see a massive spike in activity. Though, a number are fans will also bet on international games, such as those that occur in New Zealand, England, India and South Africa.

Benefits Of Online Sports Betting

Lastly, let’s look at some of the key benefits of online betting. As mention, just a smartphone with an internet connection is all that is required. Via a mobile device bets can be place quickly, safely and conveniently, completely at the discretion of the punter.

Beyond convenience, online sportsbooks are widely known to offer incredibly generous promotional deals and bonus offers. These deals can be taken advantage of, drastically enhancing the value for money with each bet placed.

Variety of choice is another big advantage. Although we listed the most popular sports in the country, there are many others to choose from, with betting options available on events all around the world.

Ready to bet? Sign up at an Aussie-friendly sportsbook that we recommend today!

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